Victoria Lister Carley


Ms Carley is an award-winning Landscape Architect in the Toronto area. Her projects have won numerous awards and are often featured in magazine articles and included on garden tours.

Statement of Belief


All gardens, whether a small courtyard or a large rural acreage, are a reflection of the owner and the Landscape Architect.  The garden must suit the needs and wishes of the owners interpreted by the artistry and skill of the Landscape Architect.

A Personal Approach

Victoria Lister Carley established her firm in 1983 to develop her personal approach to Landscape Architecture. Trained as a visual artist and as a Landscape Architect, Ms. Carley is also an active environmentalist. Her work combines the evocative and emotional qualities of a painting with a sensitivity for the environment. 

Landscape Architecture Services


Victoria Lister Carley's services include all aspects of site and garden design from the very practical such as site services, grading plans and site drainage, siting new houses and accessory buildings, driveways and parking areas, large structures such as tennis courts and swimming pools, and the design of decks and patios. Her planting designs demonstrate a painterly combination of colours and textures and incorporate native plants within  a traditional garden vernacular.

She is personally involved in all phases of the design and installation of the project. Her commitment to the garden as it develops from an idea, to a work on paper, through the stages of construction and planting until it becomes a living space for the owners, allows her to develop gardens which are rich in detail yet functional for everyday living.




  • Site & garden design

  • Siting new houses & accessory buildings

  • Planting design

  • Project development from start to finish


"All gardens, whether a small courtyard or a large rural acreage, are a reflection of the owner and the Landscape Architect."
Victoria Lister Carley

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Victoria Lister Carley Receives Carl Borgstrom Award for Service to the Environment

This award is given to individual landscape architects or a landscape architectural group to recognize and encourage special or unusual contribution to the sensitive, sustainable design for human use of the environment.




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